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We try to work with our friends when we can. Here are those friends (and their small businesses) that make our small business possible.
  • Self Aware

    We literally wouldn't be here if it wasn't for these two, because they built the site you're on right now
  • Ian Shiver

    Can photograph anything from weddings, to kinky sex stuff, to Middle Child sandwiches
  • Steve Garfinkel

    A real-life vampire who takes real-dope photographs
  • Ps and Qs

    A local menswear shop with the latest drip and hottest drops
  • Jarmel

    Makes pottery with us and is also addicted to smiley faces
  • Najeeb Sheikh

    Local designer with a serious bootleg addiction
  • Paratodo

    Making clothing while making the world a better place
  • Team Whetzel

    They'll find you a home
  • Brendan Lowry

    A digital-marketing guru and total social media sellout