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  • Breakfast is available until 11am. Sometimes 11:15am. Never later.
  • Classic Breakfast Sandwich

    GF Avail

    Fluffy eggs, cooper sharp american cheese, arugula, potato bread. 8.50

  • + make it gluten free $2.50
    + bacon, sausage, pork roll, avocado, or hashbrown $2.50
  • Corned Beef, Egg, and Cheese

    GF Avail

    Fluffy eggs, cooper sharp american cheese, house corned beef, rye. 11.75

  • + make it gluten free $2.50
    + bacon,avocado, or hashbrown $2.50
  • "Latka'd" Hash Brown


    50% Latka. 50% Hash Brown. 100% Awesome. 3.00


  • All sandwiches are available on gluten-free bread for an additional $2.50.
  • Shopsin Club

    GF Avail

    House turkey, cranberry miso mayo, sweet pickles, bacon, avocado, bibb, ciabatta. 13.43

  • + swiss, or cooper sharp american cheese $2.50
  • Surfer

    House turkey, melty swiss, blueberry chutney, duke’s mayo, arugula, ciabatta. 13.43

  • + bacon or avocado $2.50
  • CSG Reuben

    Veg Option Available
    GF Avail

    Russian dressing, swiss cheese, kraut, rye.
    Choose house corned beef, house turkey, or seasonal veggies. 13.43

  • + bacon or avocado $2.50
  • Baller Classic

    GF Avail

    House turkey, duke’s mayo, sweet pickles, raw onion, arugula, seeded hoagie. 13.43

  • + bacon, avocado, swiss, or cooper sharp american cheese $2.50
  • So Long Sal!

    GF Avail

    Italian meats and cheeses, artichoke relish, balsamic mayo, arugula, raw onion, seeded hoagie. 14.50

  • Bye Felicia!

    GF Avail

    Roasted and pickled seasonal veggies, artichoke relish, creamy balsamic mayo, arugula, raw onion, seeded hoagie. 13.43

  • Phoagie


    Hoisin eggplant (contains gluten), avo, fresh and frizzled onions, cilantro, pho sauce, seeded hoagie. 13.43

  • Make Your Own Kid-Wich

    A little something simple for the kids. pick your own protein (turkey or salami), your condiments (mustard, mayo, or dry), and your toppings (swiss, american, pickles, lettuce). Comes on potato bread or rye depending on the day. Served cold. That’s it.

Sides, Etc.

  • Pickles

    Half sour or bread n' butter

  • Chips

    Assorted Utz and Zapps


  • Cold Brew

  • Chocolate Milk

    Rich n’ creamy, always made with U-Bet syrup 3

  • Orange Juice

  • Soda

    We’ve got a whole gang of good ones